Bowling Trick Shots

Australia’s Jason Belmonte, one of the best bowlers in the world, has quite a few tricks up his sleeve. If you’re ready to take your home bowling alley game to the next level and impress your friends, try mastering the below tricks!

  • The Through-the-Legs Shot: Have three to five friends line up on the lane with their legs spread feet-width apart, forming a bridge. Swiftly roll the ball through their legs, aiming for the pin deck behind them. If the ball hits a foot or sails into the gutter, keep practicing!
  • The Over-the-Gate Shot: Practice using two hands to launch or bounce the bowling ball so you can master this next shot. Once you get the technique down, stack several rows of bowling pins on top of one another near the front of the lane. Bounce the ball over the stacked pins—without touching any of them! After clearing the stack, the ball will sail into the pin deck and hit the remaining pins.
  • The Skate Ramp Shot: Bet you never thought to combine skateboarding with bowling! One of Belmonte’s most popular tricks involves a set of pins lined up at one end of a concrete skate ramp. He then stands at the opposite end and rolls the ball using the curve of the skate ramp to glide the ball upwards and into the air. With enough force, the ball will roll up, then flat onto the surface of the ramp, knocking the pins.
  • The Life-or-Death Hook Shot: Just like the Through-the-Legs Shot, this trick involves a few willing participants! Once you’ve mastered the art of hooking the ball, have your friends lie on a bowling lane, perpendicular to the lane and with their shoulders two to three feet into the lane. Throw the ball with your best curve, sending it past their shoulders. If you’re not quite ready to try this out with your friends, a similar effect can be obtained by lining the edge of the lane with pins, making a curved shape. Guide your bowling ball along with edge, without hitting any of the pins, and send it flying into the pin deck to hit the others.
  • “The Flying Eagle” Shot: This trick can be difficult to master, but is extremely impressive to onlookers! When correctly performed, the ball is thrown down the lane with enough force to strike a solitary pin so hard that it goes flying into the next lane over, knocking down any pins in that lane’s pin deck as well. Double the pins for one shot!
  • Double-Shot: This trick uses two balls, one with plenty of spin rolled very slowly, and the other rolled at normal speed. The ball rolled at normal speed will sail down the lane and knock over the pins, while the slow-moving ball comes up from behind and finishes any pins that may have been left in the lane.

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