What It Takes to Open a Bowling Alley

While the game has remained consistent, today’s bowling alleys are taking on a new look and even greater appeal as entertainment for people of all ages. If you decide to open your own bowling alley as a way of generating income, the place to start is with a bowling alley business plan that will guide you with every decision you make along the way. Expect it to take at least a few months to get your business ready to open, with more time required if you build your business from the ground up. You may also choose to start a bowling alley franchise with professional help in planning, building, and opening your business that you will get from Murrey Bowling.

Choosing the Perfect Location

Depending on the design that you have come up with in your business plan, you may or may not be able to locate an existing building that will satisfy your need for space. If you do, consider any repairs that will be needed to get the facility in operating condition. You will need to determine whether it is worth the investment, or if you would benefit from building a new facility. Also, consider parking space outside.

Funding Your New Business

In addition to constructing the new facility and getting all the necessary bowling equipment, you will need to have money to run the facility until it begins to make a big enough profit to sustain itself. If financing is a necessity, learn your options early on and make sure you have the funding you need to cover all of your expenses. Purchasing used equipment can make a significant difference in the cost of building the bowling alley.

Employees and Training

The number of employees you will hire, the type and duration of training, and the rules and regulations that will apply to your employees should all be part of your bowling alley business plan. This is especially true if you will be starting a bowling alley franchise that will require the employees of future businesses to receive the same type and level of training.

Keep It Legal

Every area has its own rules and regulations that apply to starting a new business. Find out which ones apply to yours, and purchase them. Some may have a waiting period, so be sure to apply early.

Starting your own bowling alley business can be a fun and profitable business. Start with a well thought out bowling alley business plan to simplify the process and increase your odds for success. To learn more, call us at 310-532-6091.

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