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5 Ways That Office Bowling Alley Will Create Good Company Culture

Did you know that 88% of employees believe good company culture is important to business success? Good company culture is one of the biggest trends in business right now.

The third place is becoming more important to business owners. What is the third place? It is a hangout spot, community center, or “home away from home” that provides a space outside of your home and work.

Creating a third place in your commercial office building can help improve company culture in many ways. This space helps employees relax and collaborate in a different environment.

Including a bowling alley as part of your office amenities can help you create that third place. Keep reading to learn five reasons why a bowling alley in the office is the best way to promote good company culture.

How to Cultivate Good Company Culture

1. Team Building

Team building activities are essential to every office dynamic. Creating a space within your office to bring employees together can help facilitate this while avoiding costly corporate retreat fees.

Use your bowling alley for team building by assigning teams that bridge across departments. This competitive yet friendly environment is a perfect way for acquaintances to mingle and form bonds.

2. Entertainment

Bowling is a great form of entertainment for your employees to enjoy together. This sport takes people outside of their cubicles and into the bowling alley.

Installing a full entertainment system at your bowling alley is a great way to expand the experience for the employees. Pair the sporting aspect with food, drinks, and an arcade, and your staff will have a wonderful time!

Join the ranks of companies like Google and provide your employees with bowling as an in-office entertainment option.

3. Camaraderie

Sports build camaraderie amongst players and spectators alike. Bowling is no different!

Trust and support are huge factors in an office setting. These translate well to the bowling alley. Your employees will forge bonds of trust and support while cheering each other on in your office bowling alley.

4. Stress Relief

“Highly engaged workplaces see a 10% increase in customer ratings and a 20% increase in sales,” according to a Gallop poll. If your employees are stressed, that means they are not engaging in their work in a positive way.

Bowling is a great stress relief activity. Taking part in this social sport will help your employees remove themselves from stressful situations and take a breather.

5. Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is a hot topic these days. A bowling alley in your office building can help bridge the two seamlessly by creating the third space.

Consider hosting open bowl nights for your employees to bring their families for a fun night of bowling. These events can help your staff have the best of both worlds.

Bowling for Building Company Culture

Good company culture can be hard to create. However, installing a bowling alley into your commercial office building will help employees unwind all while building a better team environment.

Contact us to get started on your alley to better company culture!

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