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String Pinsetters by Murrey International

If you are looking at your options when it comes to installing a bowling alley or updating your existing equipment, here at Murrey Bowling, we can offer you expert advice to help you choose the correct equipment for your needs. A string pinsetter bowling machine can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional pinsetter machines, making them ideal for smaller setups and those looking for a bowling set up that requires minimal maintenance.


What is a String Pinsetter?

A string pinsetter is a machine that uses a string or cord attached to the pins to reset the pins in a bowling game. The string is attached to the top of the pins to enable them to be pulled back into standing position at the end of a player’s turn. The string in no way interferes with the pin’s ability to be knocked down during gameplay, and its only function is in the resetting of the pins between players and games.

The use of a string pinsetter machine is more common in smaller bowling alleys and amusement arcades as it is an easier and quicker system to use and keep running compared to the fully automated system you may be used to playing within your local bowling alley.

The use of the word string should be used loosely in this sense. The string is not what you would expect a traditional string to look like. This is due to the string being made from nylon, and its black color is designed to blend in with the background seamlessly and allows it not to affect gameplay.

With the rise of the recreational bowler over sports bowlers, when it comes to investing in new equipment for your bowling alley, many establishments are choosing string pinsetter bowling machines over free-falling pins for many reasons, one being the efficiency of the pin resets between throws.

String Pinsetter


What is the cost of a String Pinsetter?

Initially, the cost of a string pinsetter bowling machine will be cheaper to install and run. This makes it ideal for many businesses looking at the cost of purchasing bowling equipment. Factor in the lack of downtime compared to traditional pinsetters and installing a string pinsetter machine over a traditional machine will be more cost efficient.


What are the Advantages of a String Pinsetter Bowling Machine?

One main advantage of a string pinsetter bowling machine is that it is more cost effective than fully automated options. Fewer moving parts are meaning there are fewer issues that can arise from them and fewer repairs needed during their lifespan. For the most part, this type of pinsetter string machine is used in smaller bowling alleys; however, the setup reliability of a string pinsetter bowling machine means any size bowling alley can benefit from using this type of pinsetter.

Other benefits to using a string pinsetter machine include that it requires less space, meaning you can have shorter lane lengths. This makes it ideal for smaller spaces. Add this to the lower maintenance and repair costs as the string pinsetter machines require fewer repairs.

String pinsetter machines are also more economical as they use less energy to run and less downtime means games can be played efficiently, allowing staff to be freed up from manual pin resetting or fixing repairs as customers expect a specific level of gameplay and speed, especially when it comes to competitive bowling games.

Technology has improved greatly over the years. These new pinsetters function extremely well with minimal maintenance and breakdowns.


The Murrey International 24 Volt String Pinsetter Machine 

The US Bowling Murrey International 24 Volt String Pinsetter Machines carry a full two-year warranty on all parts and assembly. 

Features of the 24 Volt String Pinsetter:

  • This system includes proprietary detangling software that results in fewer service calls and repairs.
  • The Electrical Box is a Single Phase to Three Phase System that uses a Siemens Converter System that eliminates the motor start switches, capacitors and relays. This makes the motors and gearbox essentially maintenance free.
  • This string pinsetter control box is completely serviceable by your technician. I does not need to be sent back to the manufacturer for maintenance or repair.
  • Built with a solid construction of a steel backing and framing, solid rubber cushions, heavy duty curtain and shock system to absorb bowling ball and pin impact.
  • Heavy duty nylon anti-tangle pin cords and a 5 year supply of cord.
  • Full 2-1/2” solid birch kickbacks for improved pin action.  The result is the same bowling pin action and ability to score as a traditional free fall pin.
  • A two-year warranty on the string machine parts.
  • Energy efficient and low power consumption pinsetter machine.
  • We can train your staff to maintain and service this machine in 20 minutes.
  • This machine has the capability to set individual, single pins.


24 Volt String Pinsetter

These pinsetters offer extensive safety features – guards at the front, rear and sides, emergency power off switches to the front and rear service areas, meaning that your employees are kept safe from injury and you pay less in insurance costs.

Murrey International is the industry leader for eco-friendly and sustainable bowling products. Our wide range of bowling products, which includes the string pinsetter machine, bowling alley seating and furniture, lane capping, LED LaneFX lighting, ball return hoods, foul light covers and many others, are all made using recycled materials where possible or energy efficient motors to reduce our carbon footprint.

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