10 Lane Package

Used Ten Lane Package for Sale in Excellent Condition!

This bowling equipment package Includes:

  • Refurbished AMF 82/90XL pinsetters with Silver Chassis
  • Fire Treated Lumber Foundation
  • Murrey MML-3000 Synthetic Lanes, Textured Approaches, and Pin Decks
  • US Bowling Reflection Ball Returns with Power Lifts and Underlane Track
  • US Bowling Gutters with Programmable Automatic Bumpers
  • 6 ft Masking Units with two Scenes (new scenes available upon request)
  • Lighted Single Division Capping and Glow Return Capping
  • Foul Units with Covers
  • Pulse Scoring System with 43” Overhead Monitors, Keypads, Front Desk and Server
  • Pulse Lease Program Available for the Scoring System (Carries complete parts warranty, tech support and computer software upgrades)
  • Spare Parts Kits for the Pinsetters and Scoring System
  • Kegel Crossfire Lane Machine
  • This complete package is available for installation within 90 days of signed contract with deposit