Duckpin Bowling

Here at Murrey Bowling, we have built our reputation as the premier builder of bowling lanes and manufacturer of bowling lane equipment throughout the world since we were founded back in 1838. However, we don’t just specialize in bowling lane construction and equipment – we also specialize in duckpin bowling lanes.


What is Duckpin Bowling?

Duckpin bowling is a fun variation of the standard ten-pin bowling game. The pins are smaller and lighter than those used in traditional bowling, which makes it more challenging to get a strike. Additionally, the bowling balls are smaller as well. In fact, the bowling balls used in duckpin bowling are slightly larger than the size of a softball (although heavier than a softball) and don’t contain any finger holes, which means you have to palm it in order to roll it. Because the game is a bit more challenging, players get three rolls a turn instead of two.

Duck pin bowling is extremely unique – and there aren’t too many commercial duck pin bowling lanes found around the country. By adding a duck pin bowling lane to your bowling center, you add a feature that makes your bowling center different than any other in town.


Our Duckpin Bowling Lane Construction

Here at Murrey Bowling, we can oversee every aspect of your duckpin bowling lane construction. We will survey your location and help you to determine where the best place would be for a duckpin bowling alley – not just in terms of the available space, but also in terms of where you can draw attention from customers who may be interested in trying this incredibly fun variation of the typical game of bowling.

In addition to planning out the duckpin bowling alley, we can help design the lanes, customizing them to fit your specific wants and needs. Once this step is complete, you can entrust the entire construction process to us. We are an experienced bowling lane builder and have the highest quality duckpin bowling machines and duckpin bowling equipment needed for the installation.

If you have any questions regarding the construction or installation of our duckpin bowling lanes, be sure to contact us at Murrey Bowling today. We are proud to be the biggest independent builder of new bowling centers in the United States and we look forward to working with you.