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Mini Bowling Alley Systems: Worldwide Installations

Mini Bowling

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Our Rollerball Mini Bowling Systems offer a variety of payment options including coins, bill accepter, debit and credit card swipe reader, prepay and post-pay and ticket redemption.


Customizable System Length

Automatic Bumpers

Custom Bowling Lanes

Lexan Safety Shields

Sidewall Graphics

Video Masking Units

PULSE Automatic Scoring Upgrades

Masking Unit Graphic Options

System Payment Options

Scoring Monitor Size Upgrades


Rollerball mini bowling brochure

Mini Bowling Brochure


Considering a Mini Bowling System?

One of the most innovative and dynamic entertainment applications today is the mini bowling alley. With this small ball system, you will see a large impact on your company’s net earnings.

The Mini Bowling Alley is a Simple Blueprint

The design for a mini bowling alley is simple. You will use minimal space to set these systems in place, and they will require almost no maintenance. The best feature for the mini bowling alleys is the fun and exciting experience they create for your customers. Your clients will be in astonished with the state-of-the-art scoring systems built into these alleys. Younger bowlers will no longer have to feel disappointed with their balls falling into the gutter. The Mini Bowling Alleys have automatic bumpers that appear with just the push of a button.

Where to Install a Mini Bowling Alley

Rollerball Bowling systems can be installed almost anywhere. They can add large profits and only take up a minimal amount of space. These alleys are ideal for shopping malls and centers, hotel lobbies, and especially as part of a bar or pub entertainment area. Arcades are perfect settings for mini bowling as well as cruise ships and amusement parks. Other areas that can benefit from the mini bowling alley are:

  • Restaurants
  • Movie Theater Lobbies
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Club Houses
  • Homes

Control Systems

You will have the choice of setting up your control systems as:

  • A front desk management area
  • Pay desk
  • Timed bowling
  • Post-pay and Prepay
  • Cash Control

Mini Bowling is Ideal for Numerous Functions

The mini bowling alleys are the ideal form of entertainment for a number of different functions. Birthday parties, corporate events, or any large gathering will be an event to remember with a stand-alone console for guests to enjoy. The console provides a single lane which can be coin operated or card swipe. There are optional bill receptors available for these units.

Convenient and User Friendly

It takes only seconds to engage in the fun and excitement of mini bowling. These systems feature a simple, user-friendly mini console with a standard 32-inch monitor. Rollerball mini bowling is the only system that can provide you with a video masking unit option. You will have the choice of a two-lane wide screen or four-lane mega media screen.

Contact Murrey Bowling today and start increasing your net earnings with a Mini Bowling Alley.


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Rollerball Mini Bowling

Rollerball Mini Bowling