Bowling Alley Financing

Affordable Financing for the Best Bowling Alley Equipment

We are the top source for bowling equipment for large companies and private settings, alike, with affordable payment options available through Fortune 5 Capital.


Transforming the World of Bowling since 1938

Building a bowling alley means you’re going to need all the essential gear: scoreboards, lanes, ball return machines, furniture, and more. At Murrey International, we have everything bowling alley owners and investors need plus easy payment options to build or upgrade your commercial or home bowling alley.


Work with the Best

Murrey International is the largest independent bowling center builder in the USA, and the only world-class bowling equipment manufacturers, with everything you need to build or upgrade your bowling game. Featuring customizable layouts, we work to suit your personal brand and make your vision come to life.

Check Our Some of Our Projects.

Quality Service


  • Truck Delivered to You
  • Professional Installation
  • USBC Installation Approved
  • After-Sales Customer Support


Approved by the Big Guys


As an investor, we understand you want to work with a manufacturer you can trust. Here are just a few companies you may have heard of that go to Murrey International for all their bowling alley needs:

  • Google
  • Disney
  • Warner Brothers
  • Hard Rock Lanes
  • Pinheads
  • U.S. Airforce Academy
  • and many more!


Never Stop Growing


As leaders, we are always looking to improve. We now offer energy-efficient LED lighting for an earth-friendly bowling experience.


Bowling Alley Financing Made Possible

These incredible projects became a reality with the help of our friends at Fortune 5 Capital. We recommend investing with them because they understand the special requirements for bowling alley financing.

  • Quick sign up and approval
  • Minimal paperwork
  • Monthly leasing options via normal business operations
  • Tax-deductible payments

Murrey International and Fortune 5 Capital share common values of high standards, innovation, drive to be industry leaders, and most of all, helping investors achieve their business and financial goals.

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