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Touch Pad Automatic Bowling Scoring System

We can’t deny the fact that technology ever changing, let’s face it… your bowling scoring systems can become outdated in only a few years after purchasing. Imagine installing the latest system with all of the features you want and need only at a fraction of the cost of a major upgrade or purchasing a new system. The Murrey Bowling Rental Program gives you the latest bowling scoring systems technology for a price you can afford with the best features on the market.

Bowling Scoring Systems Features

Tablet iPedestal Bowling Scoring SyatemThe Murrey Bowling Rental Program features systems that have live-action scoring grids, custom console animations, on-screen digital advertising and league as well as tournament management software. Also, the hardware can interface with the majority of major POS systems and even credit card swipe systems. If you are concerned with security, don’t be! The Pulse Automatic Scoring System has the strongest front desk security available in the industry. Do you want to better manage the restaurant, snack bar, pro shop and bar? Piece of cake, these systems can take care of it all!

Here are some advantages of renting vs purchasing your bowling scoring system:

– The rental program only requires a low down payment.

– Over the first seven years, renting can save you up to 40% over purchasing.

– The rental program includes a warranty during the life of the rental program.

– FREE tech support of the life of  the rental program.

– Monthly rental payment are easily made through normal business operations.

– Rental payment can be written off 100%

– The rental program does not require underwriting to review tax returns, personal financials or other business financials that are required to approve a loan of lease.

– The rental program does not tie up assets or property that hinder the customer’s ability to borrow future money.

– If approved by Fortune 5 Capital, the rental program only requires a signature and personal guarantee.

– With the rental program, if a customer decides they would like to update any part of their Pulse hardware system in the future, this can be done by simply sending the center the upgraded equipment. The customer then returns the old equipment and Fortune 5 Capital will modify the rental program to reflect the changes. Simple and affordable. This is not available with purchasing.

– The rental program will help you preserve cash, enabling you to purchase other bowling equipment improvements such as masking units and ball returns with the savings.

Pulse Automatic Bowling Scoring System

Pulse Automatic Bowling Scoring System

Bowling Automatic Scoring System KeypadWith the innovative Pulse Automatic Scoring System, you will have the easiest-to-use bowling scoring systems on the marketplace with High-Definition LED flat screen monitors ranging from 32-to-55-inches. Also, you are given the choice of glow keypads and even tablet consoles which are available in single and double models. Furthermore, your players will get to experience an infinite number of scoring grids and hundreds of animations which are customizable from within the bowling scoring systems. Additionally, you can use the system to advertise local businesses which will put money back into your pocket.

Bowling Alley Scoring Systems

If you have any issues, our highly trained professionals are ready to help around-the-clock, any day of the year no matter your location around the world. PULSE bowling scoring systems boast the industry standard two year complete warranty and you receive automatic lifetime software updates so the systems remain up-to-date as the technology changes.

Consider renting a Pulse Automatic Scoring system today to help you save money while still being on-top of the latest bowling scoring systems technology! Your customers and your wallet will love it! Contact Murrey Bowling to learn more about a new scoring system for your bowling center or about building a new bowling alley construction.