Building a Bowling Alley

Building Bowling Alley’s Worldwide: Complete Design, Manufacture, Installation and Maintenance

When looking for an exciting attraction that offers fun for all the family, a bowling alley is one of the most appealing solutions. Whether revamping your current venue or starting an entirely new business from scratch doesn’t matter. Murrey Bowling will help you strike for success.

Are you ready to travel down the lanes of sustained profits and increased reputations? Here’s all you need to know about bringing a bowling alley to your business premises in a fast, efficient and affordable manner.


Why A Bowling Alley?

Building a Bowling Alley, Bowling Alley Business 

As with any major business investment, the first question needs to be ‘why’. If the addition cannot enhance your entire model, it isn’t a worthwhile movement. Thankfully, there’s no doubt that a bowling alley will work wonders for your recreational venue. And that’s regardless of where you are located in the country.

Bowling can be played by virtually everyone, and this universal appeal makes it the perfect addition to your venue. Whether it’s a family amusement venue or a sports bar, this attraction is sure to increase your visitor numbers. Moreover, it’s likely to encourage people to spend more time on your site. So, in addition to the revenue gained directly from the sport itself, the alley may boost your takings elsewhere.

A bowling alley opens up a whole host of additional opportunities too. From organizing events to charging instructors to use your facilities for lessons, this feature can be the focus of the business. Better still, it’s an attraction that can bring people to your site even while competing companies suffer their midweek slumps. Unlike many attractions, the appeal should last for years too.

Statistics show that bowling has become one of the most participated sports in the country. With its popularity only set to grow, now is the time to capitalize. For both immediate and sustained results, a bowling alley is an ideal investment.


Murrey Bowling: A Name You Can Trust

Bowling Alley Builder. Home bowling alley installations

Installing a bowling alley is no simple operation. As such, it’s vital that you partner your business with a world-class team that understand every element of bringing those visions to life. With 80 years of experience behind us, Murrey Bowling puts your project in safe hands. From idea to installation, ours is a name that you can trust.

Building bowling alleys is our passion. Whether you already have a vision or need help creating a concept, our friendly experts are here to support you along every step of the journey. We take huge pride in creating alleys that make your business the talk of the town. With special attention given to the function as well as the appearance, we guarantee that our installations are built to last.

Over the years, we’ve seen virtually every project from imaginable. From adding two-lane alleys to tight spaces to building huge bowling complexes aimed at family fun, no job is too big or small. With Murrey Bowling, you’ll be sure to bowl your visitors over with the perfect 10 time and time again.

Aside from producing quality alleys time and time again, our passion shines through in the level of service. We believe in providing transparency and regular communication. This is evident throughout every stage of your bowling alley construction. Hundreds of businesses across America have already reaped the rewards of choosing Murrey Bowling, will yours be next?


Key Considerations For Your Bowling Alley

Bowling Alley Business

When building a bowling alley, it’s imperative that your checklist includes all of the crucial factors. First and foremost, you need to think about the physical dimensions that you’re working with. After all, this will impact almost every aspect of the development.     

A regulation size lane should be at least 87’ long, which includes a 16’ approach. Width requirements vary depending on the layout and number of lanes. However, most alleys adopt a system where lanes come in pairs, and 11’ 4” is accepted as the traditional width. Of course, you can make it slightly wider, but this may limit the number of total lanes.

Unfortunately, a lot of people make the mistake of thinking solely about the lanes. In truth, the surroundings are an equally crucial factor as you look to provide guests with the best user experience. A roof of at least 10’ high is recommended as you’ll want to have television screens above the lanes. Likewise, you need to think about the technology used to record scores, reset the pins and return the balls. Murrey Bowling incorporates all of those features, as well as equipment like barriers, into every design.

Even if the alley is to be just one part of the complex, it’s appearance needs to work well with the rest of the venue. Different businesses will have varying ideas on themes and other factors. Still, providing a fun and comfortable environment that offers hours of entertainment is the ultimate goal. Murrey Bowling knows how to make it happen.


Exceptional Value For Everyone   

How much is a home bowling alley, home bowling alley 

As with any business investment, your decision needs to make sense from a financial perspective. We don’t just offer bespoke alleys built with your needs in mind. Murrey Bowling additionally takes great pride in offering affordable pricing in all aspects of the project.  

Our history and experience in the field put us in a position of fantastic power. While a lot of our work is carried out in-house, we also boast an extensive network of contacts and suppliers that know they can trust us. That allows us to source everything from alley materials to balls and accessories at a great price, and we love passing those savings onto you. After all, we want our clients to achieve great success as it only adds to the growth of our beautiful sport.

We always aim to manufacture alleys and surroundings that cause minimal impact to the structural integrity of your venue. When we can avoid expensive jobs like moving pillars, we will. Our priority is to build an alley that you’ll love. Nonetheless, we know that lower overheads will give you a reason to smile too, and keep this in mind during all projects.

Most importantly, though, we build alleys that provide years of quality entertainment. Our experts are happy to provide you with the advice and support needed to maintain the health of your facilities for the long haul. This will make your investment provide far better value, which should spearhead your business to greatness.


New Installations And Renovations Under One Roof   

At Murrey Bowling, most of our projects focus on new installations for startups and businesses that wish to revamp their venues. In those cases, we handle everything from planning and installation to sourcing the lights, sound, and furnishings. However, we do regularly provide support for companies looking to resurrect their outdated alleys from the dead.

The modernization projects can include upgrading the lanes with barriers, LED lights, and new features. Meanwhile, we can inject fresh life into the surroundings. Whether it’s new seating, wall murals, or any other feature, our team is ready to help.

Our world revolves around bowling. In truth, the fundamentals are fairly standardized from alley to alley. However, each project carries a unique personality and design, which fills us with huge enthusiasm. Whether it’s an entirely new alley or a restoration job, ours is the only service that your business will ever need. In most cases, the best thing you can do is call us to view your premises before discussing the possibilities.


Bowling Alleys For The Office Or Home

Home Bowling Alley, Residential Bowling Alley 

As well as commercial bowling, Murrey Bowling boasts an extensive history of bringing dreams to life in homes and workplaces. When you partner with a dedicated company like us, there’s no doubt that the installation can be one of the greatest investments you’ll ever make.

For fun modern businesses, a simple two-lane alley can serve as the ideal asset to boost staff motivation and visitor impressions. If it’s good enough for Google HQ in California (which we built), it’s good enough for you. Whether it’s keeping guests entertained or running a staff competition, the benefits are huge. Besides, it’s a standout feature that is sure to make the company more memorable.

As for home installations, the options are limitless. Whether it’s in the attic, basement, a summer house, or dedicated room doesn’t matter. Murrey Bowling can turn your vision into a reality while also considering the practicality, such as keeping the noise to a minimum. We don’t just understand bowling facilities; we also understand you.


What Next?

Building a Bowling Alley, Bowling Center 

By now, your desire to build a brilliant bowling alley is probably greater than ever. With the help of Murrey Bowling, getting your project up and running in style has never been easier. From designing an attractive concept to adding the finishing touches, our experts handle every aspect. Most importantly, we do so with optimum professionalism and passion.

To get your project started, or simply learn more about what we can do for your business, give us a call today. Your dream of boasting an attractive bowling alley that’s built for years of success will become a reality in no time.

To start building your own bowling business or home bowling center, Contact Us today, 800-421-1022.