Make Your Profits GLOW!


Murrey MML-3000 Synthetic Bowling Lanes Glow-in-the-Dark when you turn on the black lights. Choose our standard Boomerang Glow Pattern or optional 9 Board Stripe glow pattern as seen below.

Glow Bowling Nights are a major revenue source for today’s New Family Entertainment Facility. Murrey builds capital bowling equipment packages with amazing Black Light Glow-in-the Dark available in almost every product we manufacture.

glow boards lanes-fildcvc

9 Board Glow Stripe Design on MML-3000 Lanes covers lane from foul line to pin deckem2-gb-247-filteredcdcdc

Boomerang Glow on MML-3000 Lanes covers lane and full approach area


Glow Ball Return Hoods and Tack Trays


Glow Seating


Glow Single and Double Div. capping


Glow Foul Units covers


Glow Table Top Graphics


Glow Masking Unit Graphics


Glow Side Wall Graphics