Different Types of Bowling

Although most bowling alleys today feature ten pin bowling equipment, there are numerous games that fall into the same category of play. The “ten pin” refers to the ten pins that are knocked down during the game. They are set up at the end of the bowling lane in a triangular pattern known as the “frame,” with the bowler positioned 60 feet away to throw the ball. Each participant is given ten frames, with two opportunities to knock down the pins in each frame. This is the most common type of bowling in the United States, and most of the bowling equipment for sale is made according to the specifications of this game. Other types of bowling include:

  • No-Tap – The only distinction between ten pin bowling and no-tap is that the latter includes a rule that stipulates a first shot that results in knocking down nine pins is referred to as a strike.
  • Duckpin – This game has the same rules that apply to ten-pin, except that the pins and ball are a different size. The pins used in ten-pin are 15 inches tall with a diameter of less than 4.8 inches while the duckpin pins are only 9 13/32 inches tall and they have a diameter of just over 4 inches. The balls for ten-pin weigh anywhere from 6 to 16 pounds, while those for duckpin weight in at no more than 3.75 pounds.
  • Five Pin – This version of bowling was created in Canada as a way to speed up the pace, so an entire game could be played during a lunch break. The pins are set up n a V formation, with the smaller part of the V closest to the bowler. Each player get three chances to knock over pins in each frame and point values are assigned to individual pins. Although the game requires equipment very similar to ten-pin bowling equipment, a rubber band is placed around each pin to increase the odds of knocking more down during each turn. In addition, smaller balls make throwing faster.
  • Candlepin – this is a popular version being played in New England, and in some areas of Canada. This is another version that differs from ten-pin bowling mostly due to the difference in size of the pins and balls. The candlepins ae thinner and somewhat taller, while a smaller ball that has no finger holes is used.

One thing that all forms of bowling has in common is the fun that can be enjoyed playing it. To purchase used bowling equipment for sale to create your own unique bowling game, contact us at 310-532-6091.

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