Five Reasons to Bowl with Family Once a Week

Bowling has been a beloved pastime for centuries, attracting fans as early as ancient Rome. To this day, local bowling alley lanes cater to enthusiasts of all types – professional league players and newcomers alike. Using simple movements and having virtually no risk of injury, bowling is an ideal sport for all ages, and a great activity that friends and family members with different skill levels can do together. Consider weekly visits to your local bowling alley to start a new tradition the whole family will love. And you never know – maybe your family will love the sport so much you’ll get a home bowling alley!

Here are just five reasons why bowling can benefit the mental and physical wellbeing of any family member, regardless of age:

  1. Nearly anyone can bowl. With low risk of injury, and easy swinging and tossing motions, bowling can be fun at almost every age or skill level. This sport is a great way to include the elderly or those unable to participate in high-impact activities. Plus, most bowling alleys offer products and services to accommodate various skill levels – from bumper bowling for novices, to wheelchair assistance, and more.
  2. Bowling improves metabolism and coordination. Even the laziest couch potatoes love to bowl! Bowling uses repeated twisting, bending, and stretching movements that increase overall flexibility, balance, and muscle tone. Even better – a mere hour on the lanes burns 200-250 calories, making bowling a great way to switch up your standard workout routine. Plus, the hand-eye coordination gained during bowling is beneficial for all ages, and is a great way to boost overall visual skills.
  3. Bowling teaches valuable real-world skills. Show younger children how to follow the score board – or let them keep track manually – and teach basic math skills. Bowling also fosters good sportsmanship in a friendly environment that varies from traditional group sports and activities. Sportsmanship and, above all, patience are facets of bowling that can be beneficial for all age groups.
  4. Bowling is fun in any season. When extreme temperatures force teams off the field or out of the pool, it’s hard to find an all-weather activity the whole family can enjoy. Instead of heading to the movies on a hot summer’s day, why not visit your local bowling alley? Most alleys are indoors and provide comfortable temperatures despite the weather report.
  5. Improved social life for all age groups. Each week, over 2 million bowlers play together in leagues across America. With teams for any age, including senior bowling or school-sponsored extracurricular activities, team playing allows for increased camaraderie and sportsmanship, allowing new friends to be made between turns at the lane. The mental health benefits of bowling are as strong as the physical benefits – increased social activities and new friends reduce loneliness and stress, making bowling an excellent boost for the overall well-being of your family.

Bowling is a great way to introduce sports to children, or to get the whole family involved in a positive, healthy, and skill-building activity. To learn more about bowling, and find a local bowling alley that carries Murrey’s quality capital bowling equipment for any skill level, call Murrey Bowling at 310-532-6091.

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