Reasons to Make Monday Your Bowling Day

If you have been looking forward to trying out the new bowling alley equipment at the local bowling alley, but you have been busy doing other things on the weekends, there is no reason to keep putting it off! Bowling is a great way to get your week off to a fun start and, depending on your location, you may save on the cost of bowling alley rentals by going when it isn’t peak time. After all, the game is still the same! These are some other reasons that you should consider making Monday your regular bowling day:

  • Break the “everything goes wrong on Monday cycle.” For many people, getting back to work on Monday means facing a heavy workload and all the complications that go with it. Bowling is a great way to reduce stress and change your attitude about the most hectic day of the week.
  • Get some exercise. That hectic schedule probably doesn’t allow you a lot of time to fit in a workout. Bowling has a number of known health benefits from the bending and stretching, working muscles all over your body. Everybody from kids to seniors can benefit.
  • The problem with leaving the weekends for socializing is that you never seem to get around to doing a lot of the things you have planned. You can only stretch the time so far. Using bowling as a socializing opportunity will make it an even more enjoyable way to spend your Monday and get caught up on spending time with all of your friends.
  • Many modern bowling alleys are serving up full menus in lieu of the traditional snack foods from the past. If the bowling alley is close to your workplace, you could enjoy a good lunch and also get in a game of bowling. If not, check out the menu and consider having dinner with the gang. Just keep in mind that the cost of bowling alley food is likely to increase as the quality and selection of the menu increases.
  • One of the biggest reasons to go bowling on Monday for people who don’t like crowds is the difference in the number of people bowling then, rather than on the weekends. Instead of having to wait until another group is finished, in order to use the bowling alley equipment, you will probably be able to start as soon as you arrive.

Bowling is always a fun activity for people of all ages and most activity levels. Turn Monday into your bowling day and get your week off to a more relaxing start. Call Murrey Bowling to learn more about the cost of bowling alley equipment for your own business at 310-532-6091.

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