What is Duckpin Bowling?

Duckpin BowlingIf you enjoy traditional ten-pin bowling, then there’s a good chance that you will enjoy its offshoot, duckpin bowling. Duckpin bowling is very similar to regular bowling but has a number of gameplay differences that make it a unique alternative.

Like traditional bowling, duckpin bowling makes use of ten pins, although the pins are shorter and squatter. However, players have three balls to play with instead of two. The balls are also smaller than traditional bowling balls and lack finger holes. They’re about as big as a softball. As far as scoring goes, it’s very similar to regular bowling.

Duckpin bowling tends to be more challenging than traditional bowling because of the smaller balls and pins. It’s why players are given three chances instead of two per frame. In fact, there has yet to be a perfect game recorded in the history of duckpin bowling.

What are Some Duckpin Bowling Tips?

Because the balls are smaller, different techniques will have to be used to be successful at the game. The following are a few basic tips for playing duckpin bowling:

  • Throw with finesse – There’s a temptation to throw the ball like a softball, but this makes it difficult to control the path to the pins. Go with steady, easy throws instead. Work on repeating the same fluid throwing motion over and over to improve your rate of success.
  • Avoid lofting the ball – Lofting the ball, which is throwing the ball up into the air instead of down towards the lane, will most likely result in damage to the lane – so be sure to avoid this throwing technique. If you can’t seem to help lofting the ball, bend your knees on the slide, bend forward more and release the ball sooner.
  • Use a pendulum motion – A good way to throw the ball is to use a pendulum motion. This gives you balance and accuracy – just make sure you let the ball go early enough so that you don’t loft it.
  • Avoid fouling – If you keep fouling, it could be because your approach is too short, you’re taking too many steps or your steps are too fast or big.

Duckpin bowling can be just as fun as traditional bowling and it’s a unique alternative. To find out more about installing a duckpin bowling alley in your home or place of business, contact us at Murrey Bowling today.

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