Bowling for Adults: 8 Tips for Throwing an Adult Bowling Party

Your birthday is coming up and you have no idea how to celebrate. And sadly, being an adult kind of limits your options. 

But imagine, what if you threw yourself a birthday party like when you were a child? Remember how fun and exciting that was?

And I can assure you that throwing your party at the bowling alley will bring out the inner child in you again. 

So if you’re wanting a great time bowling for adults, keep reading to find out how to throw the best party!

1. Invitation

The first and most important part of throwing a birthday party is your invitation. Having a well-put-together invitation can make or break the potential of your party. 

So make sure your invitation is eye-catching, informative, and fun. And since this is an adult party, have a brief explanation of what your guests can expect. 

And don’t forget to mention things like location, time, food, and let them know it’s a bowling party. This invitation should get your guests excited and ready to celebrate your birthday. 

2. Food

Of course, when you throw a party you have to have good food for your attendees to eat. And since this isn’t a kid’s birthday party, you may want to step up the level of options available. 

So think of foods that adults love to eat regularly. A great option can include buffet style or bar foods. Or you can get creative depending on what your budget allows and go for a more expensive option. 

And instead of opting for the cheap birthday cake, try to go for something that’s higher quality for everyone to enjoy. 

Plus, don’t forget to let everyone know what they’re consuming, just in case there anyone has any food allergies to be wary of. 

3. Alcohol

One great thing about most bowling alleys is that they sell alcohol. Which, is a great aspect to add to any adult party. Plus, it makes fun bowling for adults. 

And since it’ll most likely be sold at the venue, your guests can decide if they’d like to purchase it or not. And like most adults, you’ll have many partaking in the drinking activities to liven up the party. 

But, be sure to monitor everyone who is driving to make sure they don’t exceed their limit and don’t drive while intoxicated. 

4. Theme

A great party needs a great theme. And establishing the theme in your invitation should give your guests plenty of time to prepare. So let your personality shine and come up with a theme that suits you. 

You can get creative and crazy with it as long as it’s appropriate for the bowling alley area. Some great theme examples for adults include:

  • Decades (Ex. the 60s, 70s, 80s)
  • TV Shows
  • Sports
  • Over The Hill
  • Colors

Regardless of the theme, make sure your guests can join in on the fun and it’s not too difficult to participate. 

5. Games

Another great way to liven the party up is to have some games prepared to play. While bowling will be the main focus, you can have other games going on as well to help fill some time. And don’t worry, these games can be simple and fun. 

And since these don’t have to be children’s games, you can take them up a notch. You can do this by incorporating drinking or even placing bowling bets. 

However, whatever you choose should abide by the bowling alley rules. So don’t risk getting kicked out by being too rowdy or loud. Remember, it is still a place for families to enjoy as well. 

6. Prizes

In addition to the games you’ll be playing, it would be a fun aspect to offer prizes for the winners. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on the prizes, but just offer some gag gifts that people would think are funny. 

This adds another level of competition to the games and can make the party more fun overall. 

7. Tournament

Of course, since this is a bowling party, it only makes sense to have some sort of tournament. That way people can have a friendly competition of who is the best bowler. 

This will ensure everyone tries their hardest and can keep things interesting throughout the party. 

Dive deep and make a legit tournament or simply see who gets the highest score. But, either way, you can compete for more prizes or bragging rights. 

8. Lounging Area

Now, bowling is an active sport that requires some strength and movability. However, all of your guests may not be able to participate for one reason or another. 

That’s why it’s important to have areas for them to enjoy the party as well. Keep a spot open so that they can enjoy the company and watch as the others bowl. 

They may simply want to relax and celebrate you without having to exert any energy that day. But, whatever the reason, be sure they are taken care of as well. 

Bowling for Adults

All of these tips will ensure a great time of fun bowling for adults no matter what. Just remember to let loose and enjoy celebrating your birthday. 

This unique idea will bring all of your friends and family together for an exciting time. 

And if you’re ever wanting to have fun bowling in your own private space, don’t forget to contact us for a free quote. We will take care of all your bowling needs here at Murrey Bowling! 

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