Features that Make Some Bowling Alleys Really Cool

More than 70 million people in America went bowling last year, all of them sharing in a common affinity for rolling a bowling ball down the lanes. There is a certain feeling that you get when you go into a bowling alley, surrounded by bowling equipment, unique sounds, and smells that contribute to the atmosphere that is a large part of the experience. When bowling alleys are designed, the choices that go into the bowling alley business plan go well beyond the layout of the lanes to make a bowling alley that stands out from any other.

Some of the features that can be implemented into the bowling alley plan which will make it a more inviting place to be are:

  • Types of music being played – The music plays a large role in creating any atmosphere, from retro-rock that takes you back into the past, to live country bands that create a fun place to gather that will attract an even greater number of people.
  • Food that will be served – No longer are popcorn and soda the only type of refreshments you will get at the bowling alley. Some serve gourmet food and even cocktails, to make the sport an even more social event that will bring a different type of people on board.
  • Lights are always an important tool for creating the right mood in any setting. In bowling alleys, subtle lighting, flashing lights, neon lights, and retro lighted signs are just some of the choices used to accent different areas of the building. A growing trend is the use of laser lights in combination with loud, thumping music, to create a glow-in-the-dark cosmic appearance that many bowlers love.
  • Some businesses are building around a bowling alley business plan that expands on entertainment options, as well. Extensive game rooms offer a variety of entertainment options for every visitor to enjoy.

The bowling alleys of today have evolved greatly from the basic alleys and bowling equipment that made each one look like the next one in the past. Business owners and investors have more options for creating an entertainment center that appeals to an even broader range of guests than ever before. Call Murrey Bowling at 310-532-6091 to learn more about our experienced bowling alley installation.

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