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Fun and Games: Why Your Bowling Alley Needs An Arcade

We all love bowling alleys. The sound of pins crashing together in a perfect strike brings back so many happy memories. The smell of shoe leather and talcum powder is truly one of a kind. 

Some of us may even reminisce about the sound of an arcade chiming and dinging in the background. 

Arcades and bowling alleys have long been the perfect pairing. Arcades provide some extra income for alley owners. They also provide alternate entertainment for customers who may not be able to bowl a perfect game. 

Keep reading if you think adding a gaming center might be the right addition to your bowling alley! 

Bowling Alleys Should Have Something for Everyone

Bowling has long been the perfect entertainment option for kids birthday parties and grown-up double dates

While many people love tossing a ball down an alley and watching with bated breath to see how the pins fall, bowling may not be for everyone. That’s why adding some different outlets to your venue is a good idea. 

Arcades add extra nostalgia to your bowling night. Games like PacMan, Dance Dance Revolution, and Donkey Kong will keep young and old alike entertained for hours to come. 

Consider having a mix of retro and newer games to your gaming corner. This will add some uniqueness to your arcade. 

Add a Package Arcade and Bowling Deal 

Many bowling alleys have started adding arcade time to their bowling package deals. This could include ten tokens to be used in any game for every hour of bowling the customer buys. 

Some businesses even include deals where every extra pair of shoes includes five tokens or tickets to the arcade. This sort of advertisement will keep your customers interested in coming back. It will also keep them bowling. 

Arcades Add Nostalgia

For the older generations who like bowling, seeing an arcade can bring them back to the good old days. There’s nothing better than the sound of PacMan be-bopping around or the sound of Galaga ships blowing up aliens. 

Since bowling is such a classic, timeless game, having an arcade chiming alongside the clatter and bang of pins can be the perfect soundtrack to your alley. Retro is cool now, after all. More people are going back to the things that made them happy as kids. 

Extra Income Never Hurts

The extra cash your arcade is going to generate definitely won’t hurt in the long run either. 

Use the money your gaming center brings in to improve equipment or add more games. Don’t be afraid to add more package deals as well. This will only increase your revenue and keep parties coming back. 

Thinking About Adding Some Games to Your Alley? 

So you’re thinking about adding an arcade to your bowling alley. That’s great! 

Arcades bring an added sense of nostalgia to your business. Having games for everyone will keep every customer happy. It may even bring some added income that you can use to improve your equipment! 

If you’d like to learn more on bowling alleys and their benefits, give us a call

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