How to Bowl Your Best Game Ever

It may not be the beginning of a perfect game, but taking a few steps in the right direction could lead to your best game ever. Part of the strategy will include choosing the right bowling equipment, but a lot of your success will depend on your focus and being aware of how you are approaching the lanes every time you release the ball. Follow these steps to take your bowling game to the next level:

1        The bowling ball and shoes you use are some of the most important bowling alley equipment you will use. If you have your own, you will have an advantage over a rental. You can get used to the way the bowling ball feels and responds, so you can get the best results when you are performing. Having your own shoes will ensure your feet are comfortable and don’t distract from your game.

2        Keep your focus on the game and not on the conversation. Bowling is a great way to relieve stress, but you can quickly hurt your game if you don’t give your bowling the attention needed to improve your skills.

3        Pay attention to your stance. The position you take when you throw the ball should not feel awkward or forced. Once you have found the best stance for you, it will feel natural and comfortable to you.

4        Look at the seven arrows marking the lane. Aim for the one on the same side as your dominant hand. Avoid throwing the ball at the middle arrow to prevent getting a split.

5        Bring the ball in front of you to release. Notice your back swing, and find a good point to release the ball. Although you may need to practice this motion several times to develop your skills, it will pay off when you find a good back swing position.

6        Focus on the arrows marking the lanes as you release the ball. Keep your eyes on the arrow you use to throw the ball, to see where it crosses. If it doesn’t hit the arrow you are targeting, make needed adjustments so that you can hit your mark. Let your arm follow through after the release to prevent injury to your arm.

These are some simple steps that will help you improve your game and continue to develop your bowling skills in the future. Invest in the bowling equipment you need for comfort and performance, while you bowl and keep your mind on the game. To learn more about bowling equipment and bowling alley construction, call Murrey Bowling at 310-532-6091.

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