Ideas on How to Upgrade Your Bowling Alley

Once interest in your bowling alley begins to lag, your source of income is going to go down, as well. Upgrading the bowling alley is a sure-fire way to bring new interest into your business and boost profits. There is more to upgrading your business than buying new bowling equipment. The benefits of an upgrade will not only be experienced now, but well into the future. As new features like synthetic bowling lanes become the norm, upgrading the various features of the bowling alley will help you keep up with the competition. Take a few steps to improve your business and increase the number of customers you have, to turn your bowling alley into the newest favorite hangout.

  1. Start by making the outside more modern and appealing. Do more than add a fresh layer of dull paint. Colors, lights, and signs let anyone passing by know what type of establishment it is and make them want to come inside.
  2. Modern bowling alleys are built on the idea of a theme. Implementing a theme into your bowling alley may be as simple as putting a large mural on the wall and adding a few related touches, or as elaborate as installing new bowling equipment.
  3. Lighting has become an area of interest in bowling alleys, including those that hang over the seating and tables, along with glowing bowling equipment. New scoring monitors may also be in order if your existing ones age your business.
  4. Consider converting to a green bowling alley. Some of the new bowling equipment made today helps you save energy and money. You save money on lower energy bills and your customers will appreciate your efforts at maintaining an environmentally-friendly business.
  5. Give every area of the business the same attention to detail that will bring it all together. Coordinate employee uniforms, decorations, and furnishings to create a unified theme. Make sure you keep the snack bar or restaurant in mind when you make changes, too.

Renovating your bowling alley can result in a big investment, depending on its age and condition. If you have old wooden bowling lanes, consider installing newer synthetic bowling lanes, instead. If you give your customers a better bowling experience, your investment will pay off in no time. Call Murrey Bowling to find out more at 310-532-6091.

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