Is a Bowling Alley Franchise a Good Choice for Me?

What Is a Bowling Alley Franchise?

A franchise is an established business that allows you to buy into its system. Many people prefer to start a business as a franchise because it already has a proven business model and there are fewer decisions that must be made on your own.

Will I Still Be Able to Make My Own Choices?

Every franchise company is different and has its own guidelines that must be followed by franchisees. For example, you may be required to buy a specific type of bowling alley equipment that is made specifically for the company brand. You may also be limited to the bowling packages they offer at their other franchise locations and only be permitted to serve certain foods.

How Expensive Is a Bowling Alley Franchise?

This will depend on the company from which you get the franchise. Most franchise companies require you to pay a specific amount to purchase the franchise, in addition to having a specified amount of money in your bank account. Financing may be offered directly from the franchise company, or you may be required to find your own financing to back your purchase.

What Does the Franchise Company Do for Me?

The purchase of your franchise will give you access to the proven business model that other franchisees with the company have already used. Many companies offer training and support during every phase of the business development. They may help you find the location, secure the construction, and submit the design for the bowling alley. When you purchase a franchise, you purchase the experience and skills of a successful bowling company. To what extent that support will be offered depends on the company. To learn more about bowling construction and buying bowling alley equipment for your new bowling business, call Murrey Bowling at 310-532-6091.

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