Make an In-Home Bowling Alley Part of Your Home Improvement Project

There are two reasons that home owners embark on a home improvement project: To increase the comfort of the home for their family, or to increase the value of the home and add sales appeal before placing it on the market. An in home bowling alley can help do both! A couple of private bowling lanes can give your home a more luxurious feel and make it the envy of the neighborhood. A professional bowling equipment maker can design and build the bowling alley to fit the home and the design that you have in mind.

Bring the Sport You Love to Your Home

The bowling lane project you add to your house can be an additional space that is included in your home improvement project. You can also use existing space, including an unused basement that is filled with clutter. Finishing the basement will bring your home value up significantly. Converting it into a bowling alley will not only increase its value to sellers, it will also provide every member of the family with a form of entertainment that also provides good exercise.

Some of the best reasons for installing an in home bowling alley:

  • There are no bowling alleys within a reasonable distance of your home
  • Your schedule doesn’t allow for regular trips out bowling
  • You want a better option for entertaining your friends
  • You need a way to encourage kids to spend more time at home participating in family activities
  • There is a senior in your home who needs exercise but lacks the mobility to travel even short distances

The quality of the bowling alley and the construction experience will depend on the bowling equipment maker that you hire to do the job. A company that has a great deal of experience and which can show you photos of finished work will provide you with better results than a new company that is only interested in selling the highest priced bowling equipment. To learn more about your options, call 310-532-6091.

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