How to Make Your Bowling Alley Business More Profitable

At a time when a number of bowling alleys are closing across the country, there are still many existing and new bowling alleys that are thriving businesses. If your bowling alley isn’t making the profits that it once was, or you just want to increase your earning potential, there are some steps you can take to make it more appealing. The right solution for you may be as simple as purchasing new bowling equipment, or something more elaborate, like renovating with a whole new bowling alley design. Consider how the following ideas might improve your business:

  1. Change the atmosphere by bringing in some entertainment. Instead of just being “the local bowling alley,” your business could turn into the most interesting hangout in town. Hire local bands, sponsor a karaoke night, or any other form of entertainment that is crowd appropriate and which already has a following.
  2. Consider implementing theme nights that focus on a specific crowd. This can be anything from ladies night, to a night in honor of the local college sports team. Have a raffle to give fans a chance to win tickets to the big game. Create package deals that are going to increase interest to the customers you are most likely to have during your theme nights.
  3. Expand your food and drink selection. Many of the newest bowling alleys include a variety of gourmet foods, with some even offering cocktails. To really boost business, start offering take-out and delivery of your food to customers who don’t come in to bowl. This will give you an additional area of income.
  4. Think about changing your bowling alley design with new bowling equipment that glows in the dark. You can also add games as an alternate form of entertainment for family members who don’t want to bowl, but who enjoy playing arcade games and other pastimes.
  5. Rent the bowling alley out to groups for parties and special events. Create a list of package plans, refreshments, and available entertainment to give them something to choose from. This will make your bowling alley an ideal spot for kids’ birthday parties, corporate events, and everything in-between.

If your bowling alley is really showing its age, it may be time to consider a complete makeover. Call Murrey Bowling at 310 532-6091 to learn more about your options.

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