How to Have a Bowling Fundraiser

If you need to raise money for a special cause, bowling can give participants a chance to try out their new bowling equipment and have a good time, while helping an important cause. If you have a modern bowling alley with ten pin bowling equipment, you have the ideal setting for a fundraising event. The more organized you are in planning your fundraising event, the more successful you will be. The bowling fundraiser will produce funds through a variety of streams, including:

  • Sales of food and drinks
  • Entry fees
  • Product sales
  • Raffle tickets on special items
  • Apparel sales

In addition, you are likely to receive a number of donations from participants who support your cause.

Prepare Well in Advance of the Event

The more time you have to plan for your event, the better your fundraiser will turn out. Naturally, you will need to start by finding a bowling alley that will accommodate your needs with regards to the availability of ten pin bowling equipment and the number of lanes, whether only a portion of those available, or the entire bowling alley. Since the event will be good advertisement for the bowling alley, you may be able to get a special deal on the rental. Make sure that all of the equipment you will need is included, or else arrange to have it on the event date.

Set Up the Teams or Players

Speak with the bowling alley owners about the capacity of the facility and how many people you should have on a bowling team. This will allow you plenty of time to find the players for the teams and to fill your playing field early.

Find Sponsors

Local businesses may be willing to sponsor your bowling fundraiser and provide you with the advertisement and funds you need to purchase products you will sell. This is something you will need to do during the earliest planning stage, so that you can order any products that will require weeks for delivery.

Choose Your Fundraising Products

There are many products that you can purchase to sell at your event, including apparel, chocolates, stuffed animals, pizza, and bowling packages. Explore every possible avenue to get the greatest rewards from your event and have a successful bowling fundraiser. To learn more about new bowling equipment for your bowling alley, call 310-532-6091.

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