How to Form Your Own Bowling Team

Families, friends and co-workers often enjoy creating a bowling team that allows them to compete against other teams in league bowling. Anyone can be a member of your team; the lineup is an important factor in how well your bowling team will play. Creating a team doesn’t just involve letting the person who owns the best bowling equipment go first. There is a strategy that goes into determining which player will give you the greatest advantage and make you as successful as possible at league play. Once you have taken your bowling to the competitive level, you will want to take advantage of all the talent on your team.

Depending on the price structure of the bowling alley, and the times that you play, the bowling alley cost may be somewhat more expensive for league play. You may also want to consider investing in some of your own equipment, such as a custom bowling ball and bowling shoes, to improve your technique. However, the first step is to choose the people that will be on your team. Most league teams are made up of five players.

The Ideal Bowling Lineup

Although you might want to start your lineup with the better bowler on your team and work your way down the line to the worst bowler, most league bowlers feel that a different strategy is more effective. To get started, rate your bowlers from best (first best bowler), to worst (fifth best bowler), according to their average. Now, put your lineup from the first to bowl to the last to bowl in the following order:

1       Third Best Bowler

2       Fifth Best Bowler

3       Fourth Best Bowler

4       Second Best Bowler

5       First Best Bowler

This strategy allows you to get your weekly game off to a good start by setting the tone for the game with adequate or better play. The third best bowler can inspire the rest of your team or intimidate the opposing team by bowling a really good game. The strategy behind putting the fifth best bowler in second place is to take the pressure off the least experienced bowler on the team.

The fourth best bowler goes next and has only slightly more experience than the fifth best bowler, also putting them in a supported position. The second best bowler is fourth in the lineup, occupying the position known as “setup man.” This bowler should be able to set up the anchor to ensure their victory. When the first best bowler (anchor) finishes the game, it will be with the pressure to finish the game on top.

Creating a bowling team is simple when you use the right strategy to take advantage of the strengths of all of your bowlers. You will be ready for pro level bowling equipment in no time! To learn more about purchasing business or residential bowling equipment, call Murrey Bowling at 310 532-6091.

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