Choosing Your Bowling Alley Design

Today, there are more choices than ever for people who want to build a bowling alley where customers will want to spend their time and their money. There are a number of decisions that will need to be made, including the location, the contractor to hire to build it, and the bowling alley design. Unlike the bowling alleys of the past, the ones used today are designed to have a specific ambiance or atmosphere that people will find inviting. From gourmet food to glow in the dark equipment, there are many ways that you can design a bowling alley that will stand out from the rest.

Choosing the Location

The location for your bowling alley is an important part of your plan, as is the choice for your design. Bowling is a fun activity for people of all ages. Consider who your target customer is likely to be, and what type of design might appeal to them the most. The location will also determine how many lanes you will need to build, and the accessories that will complement your facility for added interest and revenue. For instance, if you are going to build a bowling alley near a large school district, a game room with arcade games will bring more interest to the facility. For a retirement community where there are lots of seniors, consider offering Duckpin bowling, which uses lighter, shorter pins and smaller bowling balls.

Many bowling alleys are implementing glow equipment, lanes, and decals to create a spacy, futuristic appeal to the game. Regardless of what theme you choose, from Retro to Out-of-this-World, it should go into the original design. Hiring an experienced professional for the construction of your new business will ensure the bowling alley you end up with is the one you had in mind. Call Murrey Bowling to learn more about planning your bowling alley design and construction at 310-532-6091.

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