How to Start a Bowling Alley Franchise

Although many people find that opening a bowling alley based on their own design or through a franchise is a significant investment of time and money, others want to go to a higher level and start their own franchise company. Like any business venture, a successful bowling alley franchise will require a solid, well-thought out business plan which includes a variety of details. A well-thought-out bowling alley business plan will include financial expectations, training requirements for your employees, and dates for expected milestones.

It is a good idea to consider your legal obligations before creating your bowling alley business plan. This will allow you to incorporate waiting time on permits or licenses into your plan so that you can create a more realistic time frame. Depending on the state where you live, you will have specific registration requirements. You must also meet the criteria for any other states where your franchise will be sold.

The Uniform Franchise Offering Circular

This document is the standard disclosure document that you must submit to the Federal Trade Commission in order to sell your bowling alley franchise in any state in the country. In order to ensure you meet all of the requirements, hire a knowledgeable attorney with expertise in this area. You will also need an experienced and reputable accountant to meet the demands for audited financial statements.

Make Your Franchise Stand Out

Once the business end of the franchise business has been addressed and all legal actions taken, the creative side of the business will need to be considered. One of the most important features for your franchise will be to develop a theme that will make every business opened under it stand out and be easily recognizable. The option for having custom equipment made according to your bowling alley business plan will go a long way in accomplishing this challenge. Today’s bowling alleys go a lot further towards providing entertainment than just offering standard bowling lanes. Glow equipment, billiards tables, and specialty menus are just some of the ways that bowling alleys have increased the appeal of the game.

Starting a bowling alley franchise of your own can be a profitable and fun business venture. To learn more about custom manufacturing of equipment for your franchise, or construction of your bowling alley, call Murrey Bowling at 310 532-6091.

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