How to Bowl Better and Improve Your Score: The Top Tips to Know

Bowling is a great game for fun and if you’re looking for a new hobby. Almost every area has a nearby bowling alley with various leagues for people of all levels of expertise. How well do you bowl?

Do you spend most of your time in the gutter or trying to pick up spare after spare? If you want to know how to bowl better, then we’ve got the tips and tricks that you need to know to get strike after strike. Don’t get outshined on the bowling lanes or sending ball after ball into the gutter.

Take these tips to heart and you’ll be a master of the bowling alley.

How to Bowl Better: Go for the Pocket

There is a science to bowling well. It’s not just about throwing the ball down the lane as hard as you can and hope you knock the pins down. If you want to get a perfect bowling score, then you need to get a strike every time.

The key to strikes is hitting the pocket. For right-handed people, it’s the space between the first and third pin. For left-handed people, it’s the space between the first and second pin.

When you hit this area, you have a better chance of knocking down all the pins because it improves the chances of the ball knocking down the remaining pins.

A Heavier Balls Isn’t Better

Many people think the heavier the ball, the better the chances of getting a strike. They think a heavier ball hits the pins with more force and therefore have a better chance of knocking all of them down.

The opposite is true. If the ball is too heavy, then it can cause the pins to fly into the air and end up missing the other pins. Many professionals use a 15-pound ball, but you should experiment with various ball weights and pick the one that fits you best.

Theirs is no right or wrong ball weight. All that matters is how it feels and how well you bowl with it.

Learn the Hook

If you’ve ever watched professional bowlers, they don’t bowl like most people in a bowling alley. Regular people bowl by throwing the ball straight. Professional bowlers hook the ball, so it hits the pocket at an angle and spinning, so it has a better chance of getting a strike.

You need to stop using the house balls and instead get your own reactive ball with a special fingertip grip. That grip is designed for hooking the ball and is different than a conventional grip.

You take the same stance and aim for your target. The target area depends on how much you hook the ball, but the pocket is the goal. When you release the ball, rotate the fingers and it will hook.

The technique seems simple, but it’s difficult to master and takes practice.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you want to know how to bowl better, the best advice is practice. These tips can help improve your score, but it takes practice to fully implement them correctly.

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