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How to Turn Your Home Bowling Alley Into a Cosmic Fun Filled Night

Bowling alleys are made for building memories with friends and family. They’re even more magical when you create those memories right at home.

More families are installing their own bowling allies at home, creating more opportunities for quality time, exercise, and mental stimulation.

Everyone from grandpas to grandkids enjoys bowling together, making a cosmic-themed bowling night the perfect family activity.

Follow these steps to turn your own cosmic bowling alley into reality!

1. Build Your At-Home Bowling Alley

First, you’ll need to build out your first in-home bowling alley if you don’t have one already. If you already have one installed, you can skip right to step two to start planning your cosmic bowling night.

You don’t need any building experience to realize your dream bowling alley either. Start the process with a free quote, listing all your project needs, like new lanes or scoreboard installations. You can even request furniture for your alley.

Don’t forget to line your seating and tables with twinkle lights for your cosmic bowling night.

A contractor will take measurements to install a properly-sized home bowling alley design. You can also browse the gallery to find fresh inspiration for your custom alley.

Talk to your contractor about your project goals, providing any visuals that can help.

2. Stock Up On String Lights

String lights are a must for any nighttime bowling get-together. Last year’s Christmas lights also work, but why not go the extra intergalactic mile with planet-shaped string lights or large star-shaped lights?

Classic white twinkle lights are perfect for more sophisticated bowling nights, complete with fruit and cheese platters, wine, and cocktails.

Another fun option is hanging paper lanterns. You can also buy more miniature versions of these as string lights. Plus, you can hang them over the lanes, creating even more glowing ambiance.

Even better, paper lanterns come in various colors and designs, allowing for more “glowing” bowling night themes. For example, you could bring in large potted plants to create an outdoor nighttime feeling indoors. You can even buy large mounted lights designed to look like real moons, complete with adjustable remote controls to recreate the different phases of the moon.

You could replace wall sconce lights with colorful bulbs to help create a rainbow-themed bowling night. Classic glow-in-the-dark stickers, retro lava lamps, and neon signs also work for glow bowling nights.

3. Glowing Holiday-Themed Bowling Parties

Your at-home bowling alley is perfect for memorable holiday gatherings. Start a new tradition by decking the halls of your bowling alley with Christmas lights, festive stockings, light-up snowglobes, illuminated inflated decor, and of course, a sparkling Christmas tree.

You could also install holiday-shaped decor above your lanes, like a light-up Santa Claus face or Rudolph’s light-up red nose.

Traditional tree lights also look great nestled in potted plants and indoor trees. You can also buy glowing icicle lights that you can install above your lanes and along the paneling of the space.

4. Create the Ultimate Cosmic Bowling Night

You’re halfway toward unveiling an epic intergalactic bowling alley to your friends.

Along with lights, lanterns, and moon decor, place large glow-in-the-dark planet stickers on the walls. You can find a wide range of outer space-themed removable wall stickers, including constellations, the milky way, UFOs, and space shuttles.

You could even blend outer space and holiday decor to create “Christmas on the moon.”

5. Glow Bowling Drinks and Snacks

Your decor is ready to go, but what about snacks?

Refer back to your chosen theme. For example, if you’re throwing a nature-themed glow bowling party, you could serve glowing bowls filled with gummy worms, gummy bears, and fruit snacks.

Like lime, lemon, or strawberry-flavored punches, any bright-colored fruit punches work. You can also mix fruit punch with ice cream and whipping cream to create yummy and colorful drink floats. Drinks with edible glitter are fun to serve, especially with specialty straws.

Don’t forget to line your drink table or bar with twinkling lights! Swap out those little drink umbrellas for mini rockets or stars on sticks. You could even wear alien masks or astronaut helmets while servings guests drinks!

There are plenty of cosmic snack ideas too.

Homemade moon pies are a popular idea. Ice cream sandwich bars with homemade galaxy cookies are perfect for birthday parties and bowling nights.

Galaxy desserts are everywhere on Instagram. You can turn almost any popular dessert into a galaxy treat, including homemade donuts, cake pops, and cupcakes. Cake pops are perfect for bowling nights because they’re not as messy.

For example, if you’re making galaxy cupcakes, you’ll need a few bowls to separate the batter into multicolored parts. Blue, purple, and pink food coloring work best for galaxy cupcakes; seafoam green also looks cool swirled into the batter.

If you don’t want to make galaxy batter, you can always whip up galaxy frosting instead, following the same steps above. You can also buy galaxy sprinkles or shiny metallic balls to sprinkle on top of your galaxy treats!

Other snack ideas include:

  • Glitter galaxy donuts (with edible glitter)
  • Homemade galaxy marshmallows
  • Galaxy cookie decorating bar

You can also make your own intergalactic treats by dipping sandwich cookies into melted multicolored white chocolate.

6. Turn Bowling Night Into Movie Night

Glow bowling is a fun opportunity to blend movie and bowling night. Your alley should have enough space for a large mounted flatscreen TV. You could also project movies on the wall with a movie projector.

Popular movies include Star Wars, Star Trek, Guardians of the Galaxy, E.T., Wall-E, and Avatar.

Ready, Set, Blast-Off!

Are you inspired to create your own illuminated bowling experience at home?

Start with your dream home bowling design, discussing your ideas with an experienced contractor. Round out the experience with fun glow-in-the-dark themes, cosmic refreshments, and decor.

Get started today by requesting a free quote or call now to speak to an expert.

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