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How Much is a Home Bowling Alley

Bowling has become a favorite form of entertainment for more than seventy million people across the country. If you are one of these millions who enjoy the thrill and enjoyment of bowling, you should know you can now bring this fun right into your home. As a bowling enthusiast, you may be wondering how much it will cost to bring a home bowling alley into your house.

The Cost of Owning a Home Bowling Alley

If you are interested in the idea of having your own home bowling alley, there are some factors to consider. The investment for this form of entertainment can become quite expensive. If you compare a commercial bowling alley to a home alley and consider purchasing new equipment, you could be looking at the cost of more than $40,000. There are measures you can take to decrease this cost.

Building a Home Bowling Alley


The first consideration you should make when deciding to create your home alley is the equipment. Look into purchasing used pinsetters, furniture, and ball return as this reduces the expense immensely. With just the one lane, you should be able to use paper scoreboards rather than the electronic equipment used in most bowling allies that come with a high price tag. These considerations will not make your investment cheap, but it will help to reduce the costs.

Necessary Space for a Home Bowling Alley


Another consideration for a home bowling lane is to ensure there is adequate space for not just the lanes, but also the players. You will also want to make sure you include buffer space to keep the noise levels controlled. The noise levels should be taken into consideration for others living in your home, and possibly your neighbors. If you’ve taken all these factors into account and still feel it is possible for you to own a home bowling alley, you can begin creating a lane exactly to fit your needs.

Customize Your Home Bowling Alley


The best thing about having a home bowling alley is you are able to design it exactly as you wish. Home bowling lanes can be customized to any specification imaginable, so it fits your tastes. Installing the ball return or pinsetter should be completed by a professional who specializes in these types of installation. Other construction needs can be filled by a regular contractor unless you are able to complete on your own.

To complete your home bowling alley, you can check out specialty shops such as those in the business of building bowling alley’s. These specialty stores will, of course, be much more expensive, so shopping around will be to your advantage. All lighting and soundproofing measures should include shopping around for the best price installers and products.

Once you’ve completed your home bowling alley, you can make your home the best and most fun place to gather friends and family. Bringing home the fun of bowling with your own bowling alley will provide you years of the best entertainment.

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