Proper Bowling Alley Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts

Similar to other sports, bowling also has rules that must be followed for enjoyment and etiquette at your local or home bowling alley. Below is a list of common dos and donts when bowling, based on the rules of the game, as well as common sense and courtesy.

While bowling, take note of the following in order to be a team player:

  • Yield to the right of way: Like parking and driving, right of way rules also apply at the bowling alley. For example, when two bowlers on adjacent lanes are simultaneously ready to bowl, the bowler on the right-hand side delivers first. The other bowler should keep to the side or on the rear of the approach area to limit confusion during the turn.
  • Be ready when its your turn: Stay in your lane while others are bowling. Wandering off for even a second could mean others having to wait on you if its your turn. Keep the game moving at an appropriate speed by staying mindful of your turns on the lane.
  • Bowl immediately on each turn: When its time, grab the bowling ball and promptly begin your turn dont get distracted by conversations or activity on other lanes, as it could slow down the whole game.
  • Wait before checking your score: Complete each turn before looking at the scorekeeper. Wait until both balls have been rolled before walking back to the concourse and seeing how you did.
  • Return any borrowed equipment: After the game, be sure to return any borrowed equipment, such as bowling balls or shoes, to the right place. This will help keep the lanes tidy and ready for the next team of bowlers.

Avoid the below actions in order to adhere to proper bowling etiquette:

  • Practicing on the concourse or approach: Dont practice behind the approach line many people crowd that area and injuries can happen. Wait until youre on the approach before trying any practice moves.
  • Foul language: Remember that most bowling alleys are public spaces frequented by families. Keep language PG in shared spaces.
  • Bringing food and drink to the concourse: Food and drink in the settee or bowlers area can be incredibly dangerous. Liquid or any type of foreign substance spilled on the approach may cause slips, falls, or other serious injury.
  • Competitive chatter: Friendly banter is accepted in bowling, but dont overdo it. Be a good sport.
  • Lingering at the foul line: Return to your seat as soon as you release the ball, so the next person can promptly take their turn as well. Dont linger at the foul line and block the approach from other players.

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