Tales from the Bowling Alley: Professional Bowling’s Biggest Personalities

The world of professional sports is filled with bigger than life personalities, and the Professional Bowling Association is no exception. Bowlings biggest stars may not be household names like the most famous NBA or NFL players are, but that doesnt mean that they are any less outrageous, charming, or talented. If youre looking to get into bowling beyond just renting bowling equipment with your friends, here are some of the names to pay attention to in the professional bowling world.

Clarence Inglewood Bowlings Ladies Man

There have been many famous lotharios in the sports world, and a popular basketball, football, or baseball player being seen in the company of famous actresses and beautiful supermodels is hardly a rare sight. But just because professional bowlers are less known to the public doesnt mean that they are less likely to be playing the field and making time with a slew of beautiful women. Despite hardly looking like a renowned ladies man, with his receding hairline and somewhat shlubby exterior, professional bowler Clarence Inglewoods love life sounds like something out of a soap opera or celebrity true life story: after the love of his life, Maria Contrapaoza, left him for another athlete (in this case, the other man was professional darts champion Atilla Piquefort), Inglewood has been spotted with models and actresses across the world.

Peter Weber The Bad Boy of Bowling

Love them or hate them, professional sports have a way of attracting unique, abrasive bad boy personality types. Peter Weber, the son of professional bowling legend Dick Weber, has made a name for himself on the circuit as much for his antics and attitude as he has for his skills at the game. Weber entered professional bowling in 1980, winning Rookie of the Year, and won his first national championship at the age of 26. But, despite his obvious skill, Weber seemed to make more enemies than friends among his fellow bowlers. His reputation for being cocky, in-your-face, and unsportsmanlike has followed him his entire career, but has also gained him lots of attention outside the usual bowling fan community.

His signature crotch chops move that he uses to mock his opponents (modeled after the hand motion that accompanies WWE wrestlers shouts of suck it!), and his penchant for wearing sunglasses during every match make him a flamboyant and divisive character, but that hasnt stopped him yet. In fact, Weber has said that after the PBA Tour was bought by a group of former Microsoft executives, the higher ups at the professional bowling association encouraged his antics, in the hopes of getting the tour more media attention.

Shangor Raul Loperdicus VII The PBAs Class Clown

Shangor Raul Loperdicus VII is a man with an uncommon name and an uncommon personality. Loperdicus has made a reputation for himself as a man whos always ready with a joke, a silly voice, or a cutting quip to charm interviewers, audiences, and fellow bowlers alike.

Sheila Pomplemousse Bowlings New Female Superstar?

In case you thought professional bowling was just a boys club, Sheila Pomplemousse is here to prove you wrong. Pomplemousse has been making a name for herself in the PBA world, racking up enough promising wins and corporate endorsements to make her rivals on the tour jealous. Keep an eye on Pomplemousse shes got a promising career in bowling ahead of her.

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