How to Select Bowling Shoes

Even entry-level bowlers often make the choice to purchase their own bowling shoes if bowling is something they plan to do regularly. Sometimes older bowling alleys don’t have new bowling equipment that is up-to-date. In addition to preferring the option to wear their own shoes instead of renting used ones at the bowling alley, bowlers can also get the advantage that new shoes can provide in place of the existing bowling alley supplies. There are many types of bowling shoes on the market with the variety of features and price tags to accommodate any level bowler.

Performance vs. Athletic Shoes

Athletic bowling shoes are those that resemble shoes made for other sports, but which have a sole that is made for bowling alleys. They are the “basic” bowling shoes that meet the requirements for bowlers who are just starting out, and who are only planning to bowl occasionally.

Performance shoes are those that are made for bowlers who want all of the advantages to improve their game. These shoes are made for either left- or right-handed bowlers, with one shoe being made to slide, and the other for getting traction so that they can stop. These shoes are often used with interchangeable sole pads for use on different lane surfaces, and which match your bowling style.

Getting the Right Fit

Your bowling shoes should be a good fit: not too tight or too loose. While a tight shoe will be uncomfortable, one that is too loose will impact your balance and your bowling game. The best way to get a good fit is to have your feet professionally measured. You may find that your feet are not the same size that they used to be! For information on bowling equipment and construction, call Murrey Bowling at 800-421-1022.

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