Take Wii™ Bowling to the Next Level!

Playing a game system on your big screen TV can be a lot of fun, but nothing compares to Wii™ Bowling, like you get it from Murrey Bowling. The simulator experience is on an 8’ high by 10’ wide screen that gives you the realistic experience you never thought you would get with a game system. This system is a great choice for anyone who has considered a basement bowling alley, but wanted something new and different that could be enjoyed by family members of any age.

How It Works

The game is viewed on a Murrey BigScreen™ TV monitor with high contrast professional quality viewing. A 3500 Lumens commercial quality HD overhead projector provides illumination and a regulation Murrey Ball return includes 8 full-size bowling balls. Also included are four sections of Murrey Comfort-Curve™ Bowler’s sofas. You can choose the fabric and finish.

The key word when describing the Wii™ bowling simulator is “realistic.” It provides you with the realistic experience of being in a bowling alley where you watch the ball go down the lane and score a perfect strike. The included bowling sidewall graphics add an even more realistic appeal that will give your basement the feeling of an authentic bowling alley.

If you aren’t familiar with the Wii™ bowling system, it is a game that is as appropriate for kids as it is for adults. There is no better choice for families who want to enjoy a fun and entertaining bowling experience with their basement bowling alley. Call Murrey Bowling to learn more at 310-532-6091.

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