Starting a Cosmic Bowling Alley

As a family owned and operated bowling equipment maker since 1938, Murrey Bowling has a broad range of knowledge when it comes to starting a bowling alley. We start by manufacturing excellent quality equipment that will provide an enjoyable and enduring experience for bowlers looking for a positive experience they can share with friends and family. Like all sports, there are changes that have occurred to the sport and leisure activity of bowling that could have an impact on your new bowling business.

What Is Cosmic Bowling?

One of the newest trends in bowling is Cosmic Bowling. “Cosmic” refers to glow-in-the-dark equipment, a super sound system, lights and lasers, and even the use of fog machines to create a true party atmosphere. While some potential owners who are just in the planning stages of starting a bowling alley business may have concerns about the extra costs for equipment and the added energy use, Murrey Bowling offers the equipment you need to dazzle bowlers and save up to 45% on LED energy-efficient lighting over fluorescent light bulb fixtures. Our Lane-Luminator™ lighting systems are designed for the ultimate energy efficiency so that you can have a rockin’ modern bowling alley without the worry of high electric bills.

With the Lane-Luminator™, you have the option to use pre-programmed LED lighting colors that change automatically, or to set them to the beat of the music. It is designed with eight standard programs, including pulse, race, and chase modes. The program is high tech and easily programmed to get the results that you want. These lights glow under UV black lights just like the fluorescent lights used in other bowling systems, but they only use 10 watts of electricity for every 50’ long run.

Starting a bowling alley with cosmic equipment may cost you a little more on your initial investment. However, there is no better way to create the exciting, energetic atmosphere that modern bowlers prefer! Call Murrey Bowling at 310-532-6091 to learn more.

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