The Role of Women in Bowling

It is common for sitcoms on TV to feature scenes where the husband wants to go out bowling with his buddies while the wife is angry that he never wants to spend time doing things they are both interested in. In reality, women have long been an active part of the bowling industry. In addition to spending time playing the sport, they also play the role of the bowling business owner, bowling equipment makers, and executives in bowling-related organizations. In fact, without the contributions made to bowling, the bowling industry would have been far less successful over time.

Some of the roles women have taken in the bowling industry over time, according to, are:

  • Center Managers
  • Bowling Magazine and Newspaper Publishers
  • League Directors
  • Bowling Alley Owners
  • Hosts to Important Tournament Events

In recent years, women are taking a greater role in working to keep their households going. Their contributions to raising their family has often led to their becoming employed full-time or starting their own small businesses, limiting or eliminating their ability to participate in league play.

While there are fewer women participating in league play today due to other obligations, they have certainly left their mark on the bowling industry. One way that they might be able to regain an active role in the bowling industry is by starting a bowling business of their own. Americans love to bowl, and it is a wholesome way for families to enjoy spending time together. To learn more about starting your own bowling business, call Murrey Bowling at 310-532-6091.

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