Why Bowling Alleys Add Value (and High Occupancy Rates) in Luxury Student Homes

Gone are the days when students live in low-income, small apartments. These days, university-goers are living in spaces that look more like hotels.

But why are students spending more and more on housing when locals in the same city are finding it harder and harder to have affordable housing? We’ve examined four reasons luxury student homes are on the rise and why bowling alleys add value.

Why Bowling Alleys Add Value in Luxury Student Homes

The high occupancy rates luxury student homes are gaining around the world may baffle the rest of us. But things like better social opportunities, all the amenities, and bustling city economy are a big draw.

Better Social Opportunities

With an on-site bowling alley, students can have bowling parties downstairs, instead of having to go out. They can host the parties they crave without having to walk far in the cold or find a way home afterward.

The lights, the music, and the dancing are perfect, and when there’s something like bowling as an added option, the limitless choices make it a no-brainer. Social opportunities abound in luxury student homes, without the forced cohabitation of traditional dorms and lack of personal space.

All the Amenities

The students who come to town looking for luxury apartments get excited about all the amenities you can find in their complex. Places like bowling alleys, spas, bookstores, and coffee shops add value to the area because the students weigh those options before they choose to stay.

These options make a high rise more attractive, and the attractive luxury homes draw more of the population. Students want to feel like they matter and that they’re making a difference. Being part of a sophisticated sect gives them the illusion of being elite, without having to use their career to gain entrance.

Bustling City Economy

Students who live right downtown in spendy apartments are changing the economic outlook of their neighborhoods. There are more bars and restaurants opening and doing well because of the added demand.

These are the basic seeds planted by urban pioneers. If those students stay and invest in the city centers that they are inhabiting for their college careers, they contribute to the gentrification process. They attract other young, optimistic adventurers who begin to change the reputation of the neighborhood.

Adding On-Site Amenities

If drawing a large population of university-goers to your luxury student homes is important, consider the reasons they come. They’re looking for better social opportunities, all the amenities, and a bustling city economy.

When these amenities help, they stay trendy with their health, too, like exercise rooms, spas, or bowling alleys, they can’t lose. Installing a bowling alley in a luxury student home will increase the value and the occupancy rate in your new construction project.

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