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5 Reasons Why Bowling is a Great First Date

There are so many things you can do on a first date. In today’s world, the typical dinner and a movie is far too commonplace. Since a first date is your time to get to know a new person, it is important to do something casual but fun. One example of this is to plan your first date with someone new around a night of bowling. Here are five reasons why you should do so.

1.  Any great relationship includes a certain level of physical contact. Going bowling is one of the best ways to make contact with your date in ways that won’t feel intimidating or overly forward. Simply showing your date how to properly hold the ball can be the first step in igniting that first spark of romance.

2.  If you are one that struggles to find appropriate topics of conversation on a first date, you now have a built in discussion starter. Whether you are an expert, a beginner, or somewhere in between, you and your date can compare notes on your past experiences in the game or commiserate about this being your first one.

3.  While the bowling alleys of years ago were just that, these days many of them have video games, pool tables and more. Depending on where you live you may even find alleys with a restaurant/bar area. Sharing a plate of fries or some nachos after a good game or two can be a great way to refuel and strike up a conversation.

4.  People can either be super competitive or completely laid back. A date where you bowl is a great way to find out exactly how competitive or non-competitive the other person is. Some couples thrive on competition and a night of bowling is often an effective way to fuel that. It also inspires both of you to do your best, which allows you to shine in each other’s eyes.

5.  Feeling isolated on a first date can be a common problem. At a crowded alley on a Friday or Saturday night you won’t feel isolated at all. You will be able to loosen up and be yourself around the other person.

Consider a bowling date as an alternative to something more commonplace and you may find yourself on the path to a long and healthy romantic relationship. Out-of-the-box first dates can often turn out better than others.

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