More to Bowling with New Bowling Equipment Designs and Trendy Themes

Think all bowling alleys are just alike? Think again! Today, more bowling equipment makers are adding variety to their products to inspire those interested in opening a bowling alley to make it something that is truly unique. Although some of these themes go well beyond the choice in new bowling equipment, it is virtually impossible not to want to do something really attention-getting and fun to attract more visitors.

Let It Glow

Some of the new bowling equipment available from Murrey is made to glow in the dark. Bowlers love the other-worldly atmosphere that the blacklights and glowing equipment combine to create. There is even glowing carpet, for an amazing look that bowlers of all ages will love. Some of the most popular bowling alleys in the country are favorites because they glow!

Games, Lanes, and More!

Many new bowling alley owners are creating combination bowling and game rooms that provide entertainment for every member of the family. In addition to adding more options for everyone to play, you will also increase your potential income by having all types of arcade games, billiards, and more games to play.

Bowling Lanes Meet the Dance Floor

A few clubs have combined bowling with dancing, so that visitors get the best of both worlds. Enjoy serious food, drinks, and the entertainment that you both want.

The Bigger the Better

There is no limit to the number of lanes you can install in your own bowling alley, as long as you have the space. Some alleys are sporting 32 to 50 lanes, and including a variety of entertainment, all on a big scale. Many bowlers prefer this “In Your Face” style of bowling, where everything is done in a big way.

There are many options for anyone considering starting their own bowling alley to choose their own theme and find the new bowling equipment that will fit right in. To learn more about our construction and equipment options, call 310-532-6091.

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