7 Tips for Teaching Your Kids to Use Home Bowling Lanes

Nearly 62 million Americans bowl at least once a year, which proves we’re a nation crazy for bowling.

Your home bowling lanes are up and running, so now it’s time to teach the kids the game. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are seven tips on teaching your kids how to bowl.

Why It’s Better to Install Home Bowling Lanes

Before answering key questions like “when to use bumpers?”, it’s important to cover the advantages of installing your own bowling lanes.

A major benefit is that you’ll have a fantastic time bowling with your kids away from noisy parties, and you’ll never have to wait for an open lane.

You can turn your home lanes into a fun hangout spot and invite family friends to join. Another perk is that you can customize the alley to fit your needs and add finishing touches like choosing the color palette or adding your own logo.

Things to Know Before Installing a Bowling Alley

To get your dream home lanes, take the following into consideration. For instance:

Outline Your Dream Features

Before committing to a decision, decide what you’re looking for. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would you prefer a single- or multi-lane alley?
  • Where’s the best location for the home bowling lanes?
  • What are the space requirements?
  • Are you looking for new or older equipment?

Our team of experts at Murrey’s would love to hear what you’re looking for so we can help you make the right choice for your home.


Once installed, your home lanes must undergo bowling alley maintenance to ensure everything’s running smoothly. You must clean the alley, swap out broken pins and balls, and always wear proper bowling shoes.

If you need any professional help in looking after your home bowling lanes, contact us here. We’re happy to help.

Our 7 Tips On Teaching Your Kids to Bowl

Now it’s time to learn how to teach your little ones the best bowling techniques. For example: 

1. Start Bowling Early On

It’s never too early to introduce bowling to your little ones. Encourage your kids to start as soon as they can confidently stand when they’re one or two. 

You can teach them how to push the ball down the lane so they understand the basics and get them bowling shoes. Many start at a toddler size five.

2. Cover the Basics

Before picking a starting point, make sure your kids know how to stay safe on your home bowling lanes.

Show them how not to step on a lane so they don’t slip and fall. Also, advise them to be sensible around the bowling ball return system to avoid injury.

3. Get the Right Gear 

Don’t be afraid to use add-on bumpers as they’ll encourage kids to bowl and practice their swing. Bumpers will give them confidence because, even if they throw a crazy pitch, the ball will knock over some pins.

You can also install bowling ramps, great for kids up to five years old. These give little ones the chance to knock down pins without having to lift a heavy ball.  

4. Approaching the Line 

Teach your kids the four-step approach so they know where the starting point is.

Get your kids to walk to the foul line then spin them around and ask them to walk four steps back to the approach. Practice this several times so your kid understands where the average starting point is.

Now, add half a step and turn them around so they face the lane. That’s their starting point. Repeat this a few times until your little one knows where the spot is naturally.

5. Transition from Both Hands to One Hand

At your home bowling lanes, get your kids comfortable holding a bowling bowl before pitching it. Start the little ones off by holding the ball with two hands and then teach them to hold the ball one-handed.

It’s best to hold their hands on the ball and put their fingers into the holes using their dominant hand. Ask them to place the opposite foot in front facing the pins while the back foot is on the ground, keeping them stable. 

Your kid’s ball should be at their waist, then guide them in releasing the ball by pushing it straight out and letting it roll out onto the lane.

6. Practice Spot Bowling

Once your kids are confident with the bowling ball, move onto spot bowling so they learn how to focus on a target.

Get your kids to stand at the foul line and help them draw a line from the pins to the starting point while using the arrows on the lane as a guide. 

Ask your kids to pick an arrow, look down the lane, and throw their ball toward the target pin and watch them knock ‘em down!

7. Stick the Landing

Bowling enthusiasts understand the importance of sticking the landing at the foul line. This is where the foot opposite their throwing arm stops at the line, and they slide the trailing foot behind the opposite leg so they’re balanced.

Learning how to stick the landing early on will ensure your kids are hitting those pins and tallying up an enviable score.

Wrapping Up

Installing home bowling lanes are a fantastic way to introduce your little ones into the game and give them time to learn the nitty-gritty.

Start them young so they’re familiar with holding a ball, know the purpose of the game, and so they can stick the landing like the pros.

If you’re interested in a world-class home bowling lane, we’d love to chat. First, fill in an online form for a free quote, and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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