Install a home bowling alley

7 Reasons to Install a Bowling Alley in Your Home

Are you one of the 67 million Americans who love to bowl? It's America's number one participatory sport, but it does come with a few drawbacks. Travel time, waiting in line, and inflated prices …

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Advantages of Building a Home Mini Bowling Alley

Did you know that avid bowling can reduce your risk of stroke and even help your body to utilize oxygen better? The sport can keep you entertained, active, and healthy. …

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Custom Bowling

How To Build the Coolest Custom Bowling Alley at Home

Bowling Alleys are making a comeback. Each year, more than 67 million Americans are bowling. Bowling Alleys offer an effective entertainment center for every season of the year. Bowling is a therapeutic indoor …

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Man cave ideas, Bowling alley

How Much Space is Needed For a Home Bowling Alley

If you love bowling, you might be thinking of adding a bowling alley into your home to enjoy alone or with family and friends. A bowling alley can be a …

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Basement Home Bowling Alley

HGTV Rock the Block – Home Bowling Alley

Bowling is such a popular sport and many people would like to enjoy the sport more often. U.S. Bowling Murrey International has found a way to bring bowling into your …

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